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JEANNIE MILLS PWERLE - Bush Yam 189x199cm

JEANNIE MILLS PWERLE - Bush Yam 189x199cm

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Artist: Jeannie Mills Pwerle 
Size: 189cm x 199cm 
Original Indigenous art acrylic on canvas.
Stretched and ready to hang.
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
Please contact us for delivery costs.
Located at Plume Gallery South Melbourne. 


Jeannie comes from one of the most celebrated painting families in Australia. Inheriting her dreaming from her mother, her works seem to resonate with the traditional batik practice of Utopian artists practising in the early 70s.

The Anaty Bush Yam is a tuber that resembles the shape of a carrot, which she enjoys collecting in her homeland. The yam grows underground with a viny shrub growing up to 1 metre above the ground. It is a valued traditional food source and tastes like the common sweet potato. Her chosen palette is usually harmonious with many tonal variations. She picks up a variety of colours with each brush stroke and builds up a pattern of lines that represents the root system and form of the yam and the thousands of delicately applied nets of dots describe the seeds and bring the composition together with a fluid unity.
Jeannie enjoys a traditional life in Utopia as a ngangker (traditional healer or doctor) providing advice, bush medicines and applications to people of her community. She lives in Ahalpere country with senior elder Lena Pwerle, where they both are dedicated to educating and encouraging other women to participate in painting, exhibitions and culture.
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