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BETTY CLUB MBITJANA - Bush Medicine Leaves 150x110cm

BETTY CLUB MBITJANA - Bush Medicine Leaves 150x110cm

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Artist: Betty Club Mbitjana 
Size: 150cm x 110cm
Original framed Indigenous art acrylic on canvas.
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
Please contact us for delivery costs.
Located at Plume Gallery South Melbourne.



Betty Mbitjana is the daughter of renowned artist Minnie Pwerle and sister of artist Barbara Weir. Her husband was Lena Pwerle's son, Paddy Club Like her mother Minnie, Betty’s paintings include two main design themes: Her main Dreaming’s are Awelye-Atnwengerrp (Women’s Dreaming) depicting the body painting designs, traditional ceremonial markings and symbolic patterns of women’s ceremonies. Through their awelye ceremonies, women pay homage to their ancestors, show respect for their country and dance out their collective maternal role within their community.
Betty paints the awelye, bush berry and bush plum dreaming. Her mother and other women
used to collect these fruits, cut them up into pieces, skewer them on a piece of wood and dry them to be eaten in times when bush tucker was scarce. She uses a palette of chromatically bright colours and her style of representation is bouncy and organic. The designs they use have been passed down for many generations, and only the Pwerle or Kemarre owners are allowed to paint them.

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