Artist Profile - Raymond Walters Penangke

Artist Profile - Raymond Walters Penangke

Raymond Walters Penangke is an established contemporary Armatyerre Aboriginal Artist. Raymond’s long standing close friendship with Plume Galleries owner and director Katrina McKeon see’s Raymond’s work as a strong presence in the gallery.


Now being solely represented by Plume Gallery, Raymond’s paintings are a remarkable interpretation of his intention to share his connection to the deeply meaningful stories of dreaming’s of his culture, people, and land. His alluring work draws in the viewer, engaging in colour, pattern, and the incredible movement he creates on the canvas.

Raymond Walters Penangke was born in Alice Springs in November 1975. His grandfather’s country is Ngarleyekwerlang Western Desert and his grandmother’s country is Alhalkerre of Utopia. Both his grandparents come from the Anmatyerre language group. He also has extended family members from the Arrente, Western Aranda, Alywarre, Warlpiro and Kaytetye language groups. Raymond feels that his art allows him to share the richness of Anmatyere Cultural learnt from cultural participation and direct learnings form his Grandparents and extended family members.

Raymond’s family members are some of the most amazing sought after Anmatyerre artists such as Kudditji Kngwarre, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Minnie Pwerle, Margaret Scobie, Maureen Hudson, Gloria Petyarrem Barbara Weir, Kathleen Petyarre, and Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri who have showcased Aboriginal culture and ancient stories to the world audience through exhibitions and featuring in highly sought-after collections.

Raymond has been painting for over 15 years, has recently relocated back to central Australia after living in Victoria with his wife and children for the past 5 years, completing a public health graduate diploma at Deakin university, Raymond is passionate about his culture and art, and the important work investing in the advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families and communities.

Raymond’s original works are available to purchase via the Plume Gallery website ( and in-store in all three gallery locations, Plume Gallery Armadale, South Melbourne and Lorne.

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