Artist Profile - Kendra Sloan

Artist Profile - Kendra Sloan

Exploring the Artistic Journey of Kendra Sloan: A Fusion of Textures and

Art has the extraordinary power to transcend mediums and embrace various forms of creative expression. One artist who effortlessly merges different realms of design and creativity is Kendra Sloan. With a background in fashion and a passion for textiles, Kendra's journey into the art industry is a testament to her innate artistic curiosity.
A Natural Transition from Fashion to Fine Art

Kendra Sloan's journey into the art world was a natural progression driven by her p visual creativity. From a young age, she found herself enamoured by fashion design, fabrics, and textures. Her affinity for design led her to study fashion and design in
Melbourne. After a successful start in the fashion industry, Kendra's friend and abstract exist, Katrina McKeon, recognized a different facet of Kendra's creative potential. Encouraging her to explore fine art, Katrina invited Kendra to collaborate with her business, Plume Gallery. This invitation opened the doors to a new artistic endeavour that allowed Kendra to harness her textile-focused creativity and transition into the realm of fine arts.

The Fusion of Textures and Mediums

Kendra's works seamlessly blend various elements, including cotton and waxed metallic thread, timber, gold and copper leaf, and acrylic paint. This fusion of materials allows her to create art that is not only visually captivating but also tactile in its essence.
Calming Organic Aesthetics

Kendra's art style can be described as calming, balanced, and rich in texture. Her pieces often feature organic shapes and layers that draw inspiration from nature and diverse design genres, including vintage interiors and architecture. These influences result in artworks that exude a sense of tranquillity while maintaining a visually engaging quality.

Favourite Works and Inspirations

Among her notable works, "Spark the Fire Inside" stands out as both popular and personally cherished. The piece embodies excitement through the interplay of metallic threads and fringe, while simultaneously emanating an organic and calming circular pattern. Recently, Kendra has delved into her "Shadow series" which draws inspiration from the brutalist period of design. This series reflects the play of light and texture found in precious raw metals used in architecture and furniture design. The artworks exhibit layered textures of gold and copper leaf combined with waxed metallic and cotton threads, creating depths and shades that captivate the viewer's eye.

A Philosophy of Art and Life

Kendra Sloan's philosophy on art and life is simple but profound "Not everyone has to like it" This philosophy embodies the essence of artistic freedom and authenticity, encouraging creators to embrace their unique vision without the constraints of external opinions.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Kendra's professional dreams and goals are rooted in a deep love f and evolution. She aspires to continue honing her craft, experimenting with new techniques, and pushing the boundaries of her artistic expression.

Three Words to Describe Kendra Sloan

In a nutshell, Kendra Sloan can be described as a thinker, creative, and quirky. These three words encapsulate the essence of her artistic journey, which is characterized by a blend of contemplation, creativity, and distinct individuality.
Kendra Sloan's transition from fashion to fine art, her mastery of mixed media, and her philosophy on artistic expression all contribute to a unique and inspiring artistic narrative. Through her works, she invites us to embrace the beauty of textures, the serenity of organic shapes, and the personal authenticity that underpins every artistic endeavour.
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