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THOMAS TJAPALTJARRI - Tingari Cycle 201x130cm

THOMAS TJAPALTJARRI - Tingari Cycle 201x130cm

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Artist: Thomas Tjapaltjarri
Size: 201x130cm
Original framed indigenous art acrylic on canvas, 2017
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
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Located at South Melbourne Gallery. 



Thomas Tjapaltjarri is from the Gibson Desert, Western Australia. Thomas and his family, which includes fellow artists Warlimpirrnga, Walala, Yukultji, Yalti and Tjakaria, led a completely nomadic life until they emerged from the desert, coming to Kiwirrkurra in 1984. Dubbed "the Last Nomads" or "the Pintupi nine" they had no contact with Western society until this point. He adapted from entirely traditional life to commencing as an artist within a matter of a few years and painting the traditional stories of his people.
Thomas paints geometric designs and uses a dotting technique shared with other Pintupi artists such as his brothers, Warlimpirrnga and Walala, and with Willy and George Ward Tjungurrayi. Thomas' works explore the stories of the Tingari cycle. Tingari is the legendary Dreamtime beings of the Pintupi people who travelled across vast distances of the country, performing rituals at specific sites and teaching law, creating landforms and shaping what would become ceremonial sites. As far as we can know, the meanings behind Tingari paintings are multi-layered, however, the meanings are not available to the uninitiated. Thomas' work is widely collected both in Australia and overseas.
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